How Budr Bloomed

Meet Our Founders

Budr was founded by Carl Tirella Jr. and Derrick Gibbs.

Carl comes from the cannabis industry. Prior to starting Budr, he oversaw three medical dispensaries in Connecticut and saw firsthand the magical healing properties that cannabis had on patients with illnesses such as PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, and more. His passion drove him to own his own dispensary. 

Derrick came from the home healthcare industry, where he spent 15 years providing services to elderly and disabled patients. He always had a desire to offer a product that would help people the way his services did. 

Both Carl and Derrick share a goal of wanting to give back to their communities. 

Together, they’ve been in the cannabis industry for over 10 years and when Connecticut legalized marijuana for adult-use, they saw the opportunity to combine their passions. And that’s how Budr bloomed. 

Budr believes in the power of community and recognizes the importance of social equity in the Connecticut marijuana marketplace. It’s a philosophy that we bring to all of our current and future locations.

BUDr Is Better

Learn What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors

Budr puts our consumers first. We’ll always sell products that align with your needs and desires. We strive to provide an elevated retail experience that goes far beyond other cannabis dispensaries, treating each customer as an honored guest, with an experience tailored to fit your needs. 

We’re a diverse, socially conscious dispensary dedicated to engaging directly with the communities we serve. We will always partner with people and vendors that share our values. We’re here to improve health, happiness, and comfort. That’s what the Budr difference is all about.

Our Core Values

Education Surrounding the Power of the Plant

Budr values customer service and has the goal of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. We strive to always educate consumers on cannabis and its uses.

Cannabis for

We truly believe cannabis has the power to bring all types of people together. When people come through our doors, we work to ensure the best possible experience, complete with everything they need and friendly staff that can answer any cannabis-related question. Every customer — whether in-store or online — should enjoy the same, quality interaction.

Raising the Bar for Our People

The need to train and employ residents in our local communities — and provide them with transferable skills both in and outside the cannabis industry — is of critical importance to Budr.

Being Ethical,

Budr values ethical behavior, accountability, and integrity. That’s true in every interaction we have, including those with our customers, employees, and partners.


Budr’s mission is to safely provide access to cannabis with the best possible consumer experience,  serve individuals and the community, and build a better society from the ground up through our dispensary.


We strive to serve individuals and the community all while building a better society from the ground up through cannabis. Our plan is to open five stores in Connecticut by 2025. Beyond our physical growth plans, we’ll continue to educate our customers, no matter where we are. The more our customers know, the better their experience. 

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