Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Budr envisions a healthy and equitable workforce, enabling all people to participate and reach their full potential. Further, we believe in the power of community and recognize the importance of social equity in the Connecticut marijuana marketplace. Budr is currently 50% minority owned, and will endeavor to hire at least 51% non-caucasian employees. Budr has also developed and will deploy a Workforce Development Plan designed to enhance equity within the organization through a number of various outreach efforts and training programs as well as provide employment and training opportunities for individuals in our communities.

Budr is committed to promoting opportunity and education across our locations and the state. Part of our commitment — and a core priority — is developing a comprehensive mobilization plan for equity-eligible people throughout our communities. We are already building relationships on the ground to help find qualified equity participants and create economic opportunities for them and their family members in the form of jobs, job training programs, and educational grants. We work to aid individuals that have had marijuana convictions, and educate our staff and those who have been impacted negatively by the war on drugs.

The goal? To create organizational leaders including emerging leaders of color, trained with a better understanding of themselves and our principles, and to equip dispensaries with plans to strengthen their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices.

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